Tune-Up Tips: Digital Coupons Edition

October 14, 2019

(Editor’s note: This is part of a monthly series about tuning up different aspects of marketing activities.)

Coupons play quite a role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Almost 7 in 10 shoppers decide where to shop based on where they can use paperless discounts.

The success of digital coupons hinges on a great offer and making it accessible. We share 6 tips to help you optimize your digital coupon offerings in this article.

Tune-Up Tip #1: Plan for Parents

Most parents prioritize time over money. A few fast stats about parents to keep in mind:

68% of Millennial parents and 60% of all parents will spend more money to save time

59% of Millennial parents and 52% of all parents say work and family demands make it difficult to get shopping, home tasks and errands done

68% of Millennial parents and 60% of all parents look for coupons online (vs. 38% of all consumers)

Parents are the most likely demographic to load electronic coupons onto a loyalty card (67% of Millennial parents and 58% of parents vs. 40% of all consumers)

When targeting digital coupons to parents, emphasize time-saving products, such as prepared meals.

Tune-Up Tip #2: Understand Who the Online Shopper Is

Who is shopping online?

The average online shopper:

Tends to be Millennials and Gen X

2 in 10 are Hispanic

Males tend to buy food and household goods online

Online shoppers are likely to have children in the household

Average household income is $81,800

Tune-Up Tip #3: Promote New Products

Coupons could be the trigger that influences customers to try something new.

Coupons influence 86% of consumers to try new products over their usual brands. Leverage coupons to promote new products.

Tune-Up Tip #4: Offer Digital but Optimize Coupons for Print

Digital coupons are hot.

Three in 4 consumers use paperless  discounts. However, about 1 in 3 prefer to print coupons that they found on the Internet.

Tune-Up Tip #5: Put the App in Appealing

A growing number of consumers prefer to get their paperless discounts on their smartphones. In 2019, 38% of consumers preferred to get their discounts via smartphone, up from the 32% who had this preference in 2017.

Three in 10 consumers use a mobile app to get digital discounts and 56% of all consumers use a store’s savings app to obtain discounts.

Tune-Up Tip #6: Promote on Multiple Channels

Where do consumers look for coupons?

71% Store websites

70% Manufacturer/brand websites

68% Coupon websites

67% Search engines

61% Links from blogs/savings sites

50% Social networking sites

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Editor’s note: This is another entry in our monthly Tune-Up Tips series. Look for our next Tune-Up Tips: Responding to Reviews Edition on November 25, 2019.

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