9 Experts on Why Direct Mail is Great

February 24, 2020

Direct mail continues to be one of the best channels to reach consumers.

Most shoppers, which is 73% of U.S. consumers, prefer to get communication from brands via direct mail because they can process those communications at their own pace.

We could continue to dazzle you with statistics about how great direct mail is, but we’ll move on to what 9 experts have to say about direct mail (and how great it is).

Quote #1

“Do you remember the ‘You’ve got mail’ jingle? And how excited people were when they received their first few emails? Now it’s dreaded, and it’s more exciting to check your mailbox than your email. Real mail also brings far less competition. And that’s definitely good.”

-Louis Camassa, brand experience consultant said in a Forbes article about direct mail

Why We Like It: Print channels are trending again. We are also in favor of using a channel that enables you to stand out.

Quote #2

“Each customer is unique with their own preferences, so understanding how best to engage with them remains a key goal for all marketers. Our latest research has found that a multi-channel approach, driven by data insights and creative input, will become increasingly important to future business success. As will using both direct and digital channels as each marketing channel offers unique characteristics and strengths that others may not. For example, it remains clear from the research that we conduct at the DMA, and also from organizations like JICMail, that print will continue to play a prominent role in the future.”

-Tim Bond, head of insight at the Data and Marketing association said in a PrintWeek article about direct mail

Why We Like It: Direct mail is great. But that doesn’t mean digital channels should be neglected, either. Use print and digital channels in concert to reach your consumers—don’t use one or the other.

Quote #3

"Your direct mail can't sit off by itself. It can be scannable by phone. It should have links to your social media. It should look like your website and have the same content, the same tone, the same language. It's all got to connect to online and offline strategies."

-Liz Miller, senior vice president of the CMO Council said in an Inc. article about direct mail

Why We Like It: There’s no such thing as a standalone channel anymore. Show your customers all the ways that they can connect with you!

Quote #4

“Direct mail proved the most effective advertising media. It outperformed digital channels consistently – and, in some cases, significantly. These findings suggest that while the digital space provides essential platforms for customer interaction, physical media is better.”

-from The Canada Posts’ “A Bias for Action” neuromarketing study

Why We Like It: Direct mail outperforms digital channels. That is a significant finding in the digital age.

Quote #5

“Ad-receptivity measures show print advertising indexes really well because Affluents are consuming it in the time and place where they are open to it. Direct mail is what people are comfortable with, particularly people who are 40 and older and who have a higher income. These consumers were brought up with catalogs and luxury brands can certainly show their story and imagery much better in print than online.”

-Steve Kraus, chief research and insights officer for MediaCT’s Audience Measurement Group said in a MediaPost article about print and affluent audiences

Why We Like It: Direct mail is one of the best channels for reaching high-income households. For more on creating effective advertising for this demographic, read our “Advertising Dos and Don’ts for High Income Households” blog.

Quote #6

“Because it gets directly into the homes and hands of the campaign’s target, Direct Mail creates a one-to-one connection that is hard to match with broad-based media channels such as television and radio. It also lets you incorporate coupons, reply cards, mobile barcodes/QR Codes,® URLs, and other response mechanisms –making Direct Mail a workhorse for generating leads, traffic, and sales while your other media help drive interest and awareness.”

-from the United States Postal Service’s “A Marketer’s How-To (and Why-To) Guide to Using Direct Mail”

Why We Like It: That one-to-one connection between a business and a consumer is valuable. It is also measurable, so you know how well your direct mail campaign is working.

Quote #7

“Direct mail is a very effective marketing tool because it can compel recipients to act, attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, boost brand awareness, reactivate dormant accounts, and deliver profitable results … While some forms of marketing are fleeting and forgotten, a postcard, brochure, or catalog can serve as a lasting reminder of a marketing message.”

-from InfoTrends’ “Direct Mail: Integral to the Marketing Mix in 2016” report

Why We Like It: A piece of direct mail leaves a longer-lasting impression with your customers/target customers than a Tweet. With planning, that Tweet can complement your direct mailer.

Quote #8

“Recipients of direct mail, such as catalogs, were more likely to make purchases and spend more money in online sales relative to people who had not received direct mail catalogs. This study also argued that direct mail helps strengthen a brand, especially through direct marketing to targeted consumers in a local market, compared to digital campaigns that often reach a more heterogeneous groups of consumers and are not always as applicable for the intended recipients. When used as part of a cross-media marketing campaign, direct mail plays a synergistic role in promoting awareness of digital content (i.e., related websites), driving online traffic, and increasing online sales.”

-from the Office of Inspector General United States Postal Service’s “Enhancing the Value of Mail: The Human Response” neuromarketing report

Why We Like It: Direct mail directly motivates consumers to spend money. It also pairs effectively with digital channels.

Quote #9

“Mail is not dead. The volumes have changed over the last 10 years, but I think it’s more relevant and personal than ever. That’s why you’re seeing the uptick in the interest in the channel.”

-Neil O’Keefe, former senior vice president of marketing and content at the Data & Marketing Association said in an American Marketing Association article about direct mail

Why We Like It: As a printer with more than 85 years’ experience, we’ve known all along that print is alive and well. It’s gratifying to see other experts agree!

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