Coupons for Christmas

November 13, 2017

The holiday spending predictions are in—and they call for strong growth in holiday spending. There was growth last year, too. Holiday spending increased 4% in 2016.

Coupons and promotions influenced 77% of holiday shoppers and 56% of 2016 holiday shoppers went online to look for coupons.

Use coupons to get your share of the holiday sales. We provide a brief overview how holiday shoppers use different channels while they shop so you know where to put your coupons and offer 3 creative tips for creating your coupon offers.

Merry Multichannel

The average holiday shopper researched gift ideas online but went to stores to buy the gifts.

56% of shoppers looked for products before visiting stores

55% of customers saw a product in store and buy it online later

   75% of 18-34 year-olds showroomed while holiday shopping

   68% of 35-54 year-olds showroomed while holiday shopping

60% used a mobile device in-store while shopping

   Devices were used to compare prices, read product reviews & check item availability

69% of 2016 holiday shoppers used a click-and-collect model to select gifts online and pick up in-store

90%  of holiday shoppers made an in-store purchase

top 3 reasons for buying in-store:

1. 33% physical interactions

2. 26% browsing

3. 24% immediate product availability

Creative Couponing

Leverage coupons in your multichannel holiday marketing and advertising efforts to encourage purchases. Here are 3 tips for offering holiday coupons:

Incorporate coupons on your branded wish or shopping list

   63% of holiday shoppers want to utilize a retailer wish list.

   Fewer than 20% of holiday purchases last year were unplanned.

   Whether it’s on your gift suggestion list or your list-building tool, add coupons to reward your customers for using your list. Be sure to tell customers on your Social Media and email channels.

Make coupons reusable

   The average holiday shopper made 6.3 of shopping trips in 2016. Give them a deal to draw them back to your store.

Use a coupon to give away gift cards with purchase

   61% of consumers want gift cards (they were top-requested gift in 2016)

   58% of holiday shoppers spent $140 on non-gift purchases in 2016

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